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The rst four rows of a table with columns V , W, X, Y , and Z are shown. For each row, whenever integer n appears in column V , column W contains the integer 2n + 1, column X contains 3n + 1, column Y contains 5n+1, and column Z contains 7n+1. For every row after the first, the number in column V is the smallest positive integer that does not yet appear in any previous row. The integer 2731 appears in column W. The complete list of columns in which 2731 appears is

\( \textbf{(A)}\ W\\ \textbf{(B)}\ W,X,Y, and Z\\ \textbf{(C)}\ W,X and Z\\ \textbf{(D)}\ W,Y, and Z\\ \textbf{(E)}\ W and Z\)